Happy Thanksgiving To You and Your Loved Ones

In celebrating Thanksgiving, we’d like to pay special tribute to Joyce Newman, founder of The Newman Group, who influenced the professional and personal lives of thousands of people, and Maya Angelou, the author and poet whose magical words and expressions always got to the heart of the human experience.

Joyce passed away in 2017 after

Are You a Powerful Speaker or Just Background Noise?

Background noise?

Are you background noise?

As speakers, not many of us will actually ascend to the degree of Winston Churchill, or John F. Kennedy.

But there are things you can – and should – be doing to turn into a memorable speaker and stand apart from the crowd.

What distinguishes you?

One day, sooner

What Went Wrong in Your Media Interview or Presentation?

Bad to Best Meter

Sometimes you are so centered around getting ready for your next media interview or presentation that you overlook that evaluating your last performance is just as important. What went right – or wrong?

Prepare for Your Post-Mortem

You feel you’ve done all that you could to plan for your introduction or interview:

Key messages nailed

How to Adapt to the Changing Workplace

If you’re genuinely new to business, you presumably fit directly into your working environment. However, in the event that you’re a seasoned pro, you need to keep up with a changing work environment to avoid costly mistakes.

As an agency account manager, you may wind up with a client roster that defies classification. One day