How to Recover When a Spokesperson Tarnishes Your Brand

Did you catch the video of the Chevrolet zone manager’s presentation of the MVP award to San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Madison Bumgarner after his spectacular win in the 2014 World Series final?

Rikk Wilde, the designated spokesperson, became the butt of a lot of criticism and Chevy’s brand was tarnished – for about 24 hours. Then the Chevrolet PR and ad people decided to make lemonade out of a lemon and jumped all over the giant blooper in advertising and social media.

Here’s the presentation that had everyone talking and what Chevy did about it.

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For Presidential Candidates, It’s Always Crisis Time

The Presidential horse race between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican contender, has already begun. As in recent years, the nominating conventions will simply be great big pep rallies.

Visions of the late Mike Wallace and other reporters being pushed around the convention floor by unruly conventioneers are a distant memory.

Now all the real action is on the stump, when the media will be analyzing every word and gesture of the presidential candidates for hidden meanings and bloopers. …Read more…

TODAY Show Celebrates 60 Years of Being Picky About Choosing Guests

TODAY at 60

Who knew on January 14, 1952, that the launch of the TODAY show would change the face of morning television for the next 60 years with a format imitated by broadcasters around the world? After all these years, it is still the top-rated morning show.

TODAY is hosting a star-studded 60th anniversary celebration on Friday, January 13, with TODAY anchors past and present, favorite celebrity guests, and special surprises and performances.

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