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“Be Prepared to Perform in More Video Interviews”
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What To Do When the Reporter Doesn’t Quote Your Client: Duck.

If you’re in the PR business long enough, it’s bound to happen. Writer, journalist - Giornalista, scrittoreYou open The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal and your stomach flip-flops. The reporter didn’t quote your client, or CEO, in his story. How do you explain this to your client?

Take a Deep Breath

First, take a deep breath and calm yourself. It only seems like the end of the world. Should you call the reporter? It depends. This isn’t weaseling out of the answer. It’s a judgment call.

Then, ask yourself why you think the reporter didn’t quote your client. Was your client on point with his key messages? Did he give the reporter the information he needed?

If you’ve answered in the affirmative, consider contacting the reporter. If you know the reporter …Read more…

Did You Pack a Plaid Jacket for Your Next On-Stage Presentation? Oh No!

Sleazy Retro BusinessmanIf you haven’t thought through your wardrobe, you may find yourself wearing clothes that detract from your next presentation. We don’t need to mention that you shouldn’t wear a loud plaid jacket, do we?

If you’re presenting in another city, you won’t have time to search for more appropriate attire. You need to …Read more…

Don’t Let Your Accent Derail Your Career

Work in a foreign countryThese days business executives will likely work in a foreign country at least once in their careers. That can be a cause for celebration because a transfer might be a move up the corporate ladder.

But making your way in a different culture poses unique challenges when you are required to speak in a foreign language. Your accent may …Read more…