Lessons Learned From the Republican Presidential Campaign Speeches

The keynote speakers at the Republican Presidential Convention clearly energized the party base with speeches full of fire and brimstone leading up to Mitt Romney’s highly anticipated acceptance speech.

If you were watching, how do you think they performed? And make no mistake: a presentation is a performance whether you are on the national political stage or presenting at an industry conference.

There were many lessons to be learned from the party flag-bearers who were expected to make the Republican case to American voters.

See if you agree with our non-partisan critique of the key speakers and our closing summary of lessons learned. …Read more…

For Presidential Candidates, It’s Always Crisis Time

The Presidential horse race between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican contender, has already begun. As in recent years, the nominating conventions will simply be great big pep rallies.

Visions of the late Mike Wallace and other reporters being pushed around the convention floor by unruly conventioneers are a distant memory.

Now all the real action is on the stump, when the media will be analyzing every word and gesture of the presidential candidates for hidden meanings and bloopers. …Read more…