Keep Your Eye on the Bottom Line to Build Your Career

An interview with Julie Morgenstern, a professional organizer, productivity consultant, speaker, author, and media personality.

The key to becoming a most valued player in any job is to know how to dance close to the revenue line. In other words, know what you are paid to produce and how it supports the mission of the company.

Career advancement

A job well done

What is your advice for professionals to advance their careers?

It’s also essential to know what your boss’s priorities are, and how that ties to the company’s mission. Use that knowledge to decide where your time goes each and every day.

Organize your work and tackle the most important activities first. You need to be fast and capture everything that comes at you. The order of attack is critical to maximize your energy and brainpower.

Avoid multi-tasking. If you just act on everything as it comes at you …Read more…