How to Plan an Event That Doesn’t Crash and Burn

An interview with Jason Bell, Founder & Executive Producer, Integrated!

Corporate events are a staple of business for new product launches, annual meetings, employee retreats and client meetings. Yet many things can wrong, so we invited Jason Bell to share his advice about how to plan a successful corporate event.

When should a company consider hiring a production company to help stage an event?

Great question. EliPariser_Snapshot (2)Clients can definitely do this too late and too early.

Too late means more money and fewer choices. Of course, we’ve been brought onboard less than a week before a major event…and we pulled it off…but it was definitely more costly and more stressful than it needed to be.

One event that we produced was a last minute idea to exploit and leverage large audiences that would be in a major metropolitan area for a client’s competitor’s event. “How can we make a splash and steal some of their thunder?” …Read more…