It Isn’t Polite to Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth & Snub a Free Meal

You Are Invited ConceptReally, where have everyone’s manners gone? Have we all forgotten what our mothers taught us about being polite and watching our manners?

We know that etiquette has taken a nosedive on social media where stalkers can conceal their identities while lobbing insults. But a recent email exchange where I was copied involved …Read more…

Keep Your Hands to Yourself and Not All Over Me!

John Travolta too up close at the 2015 Oscars?

John Travolta too up close at the 2015 Oscars?

It was hard to miss the spectacle of Vice President Joe Biden at the swearing-in-ceremony for the new Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter. The Veep’s hands were clasping the shoulders of the Secretary’s wife, Stephanie Carter, while he appeared to be whispering “sweet nothings” in her ear.

Biden’s behavior was inappropriate. What was he thinking? We wonder how he would react if the situation was reversed and Secretary Carter was all over Jill Biden?

That’s No Way to Behave

Twitter and the news media were on it immediately with the hashtag #creepyveepy. Mr. Biden once again opened himself up to ridicule. This newest incident added to his record of gaffes. Watch the video …Read more…