Answer questions, Reporter Q&A
How to Answer Questions From a Reporter Without Messing Up
Always answer questions truthfully Once you’ve mentioned your key messages during an interview with a reporter, are you prepared to answer the questions that are sure to be asked? The Q&A can be the most important part...
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Turn Off That Cell Phone! Business Etiquette Still Counts
You’ve heard it too many times: the distracting, irritating, cell phone that rings or vibrates during the middle of a business presentation. Smart phones and cell phones are wrecking havoc with business etiquette and manners....
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Free video calling service
Don't Wear Your Pajamas on a Virtual Media Interview
If you were meeting a reporter in person for a media interview, you would be dressed in appropriate business attire. You can also have a face-to-face interview with a reporter using Zoom, or another video calling service...
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Presentations and Media Interviews are Easy – When You Know How
If you have not have visited the Newman Group’s website lately, then you’ve missed the videos that describe what we do and our approach to our specialties: presentation and media training. Plus, we are doing a significant...
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How to Zoom Back to The Future
Picturephone 1964 Lights . . .  Camera . . .  Zoom! Zoom, with a capital “Z”,  has become a verb in the American English language, almost as quickly as the word “pandemic” became part of our daily...
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Presidential Debate
Will Your “Tells” Derail Your Presentation or Media Interview?
Even after just about 60 years, political pundits still talk about the “tells” that derailed Richard Nixon’s bid for the Presidency in 1960. “Tells” are subtle changes in a person’s behavior or demeanor that are dead giveaways...
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Pill Bottle
Should You Take Drugs to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking in Public?
Yes, you read that right. Some individuals have such bad stage fright that they are resistant to coaching. This post is not meant as a prescriptive that everyone take “something” to calm their nerves. Most people, with presentation...
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Controlling the Q&A
How to Maintain Control of the Q&A Following a Presentation
Controlling the Q&A You’ve just delivered a great presentation. Now it’s time for the Q&A and the first person to raise her hand asks: “Can you give me more details about this new technology?” and you’re left speechless....
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personal brand
Commitment is a Virtue and a Necessity in Building Your Personal Brand
The other day I sat by the phone waiting for the call about a potential coaching assignment. The phone never rang. The person who booked the session never bothered to call or write to explain why she didn’t follow through....
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