Wrap Your Negative Feelings in a Tiffany Box and Keep Climbing

Do you often find yourself succumbing to the OMG syndrome? OMG, I can’t do that. OMG everyone is better than I am. OMG I’ll never get ahead. The list goes on of all that negative thinking that you need to banish.

What Did Negative Thinking Ever Do For You?

If you’re about to make a presentation or have a media interview and negative thoughts start popping into your head,Gift box put that negativity into a Tiffany box. Just thinking about the iconic eggshell blue color will make you feel better.

You need to compartmentalize so that you’re “in the moment,” a term that actors use to describe the total focus they need to get into character.

Change the DVD in your head from OMG, they found me out, to “I’m so glad to be here.” Feel confident that your audience is looking forward to your presentation. Get there early and network with people you don’t know.

You’ll get a boost in confidence when a crowd begins to gather around you because you’re the featured speaker. They didn’t come to hear someone else.

The same applies to media interviews. A reporter has plenty of experts to source for a story but it’s you he wants to talk to.

Get it out of your head that the presentation or media interview is about you. Instead, focus all your energies on your key messages and the audience.

Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

The same goes for your career. You may be suffering from the imposter syndrome. You feel like a fraud, either when presenting or in your everyday work.

Seek help and talk to a PR professional or a presentation trainer if you’ve got the jitters before a presentation. Or, schedule time with an executive coach if your negative thoughts are overwhelming you and interfering with your career trajectory.

Don’t lie to yourself. Set realistic goals and figure out how you’re going to achieve them, one step at a time. Picture a mountain in front of you as a metaphor for life. You know you need to climb up and over the mountain to get to where you want to go.

Those first few steps up the mountain will be tough. But while the mountain gets steeper, the climb will get easier as you banish negative thinking and start doing all the right things to get stronger for the climb.

Continue to set the bar higher as you reach each of your objectives. With each win you’ll feel an adrenaline rush as you continue your journey. Just think how great it will feel when you reach the zenith of your career.

Slogging To the Top

Everyone has to trudge up the mountain. That’s why you have to assess each step along the way before you get to it. If you’re a frequent public speaker, schedule speaking dates in the “minor leagues” first. Speak at a program of a local chapter of a national organization.

Gain confidence and ask for feedback on your performance. Get comfortable with yourself and your material and then move on to larger organizations.

Some speakers make the mistake of switching to automatic pilot, just going through the motions and “phoning in” their lines. They make the same presentation over and over again. That’s just lazy and a sure-fire way not to be asked back.

Climbing the mountain means taking on new challenges and always learning so that you’re the most knowledgeable person in the room.

It takes discipline and not everyone can do it. But believe you can. Don’t let negative thinking sap your energy. Put your negative thoughts or problems into that Tiffany box and store it away in a corner of your mind.

Then, when you need to handle a specific life challenge like an aging parent or a sick child, open the box and deal with the issue. We all have these life challenges. Don’t let yours derail you from getting to the top of that mountain.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with an internationally acclaimed best-selling author. We had first worked together in 2001 helping him prepare and position his messages to meet with Oprah. He told me that of all the things I had taught him, the concept of the Tiffany box was the most helpful and that he still uses it all these years later!

Apply your energy into positive thinking and focus on the activities that will propel you to the top of the mountain.

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