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Did You Pack a Plaid Jacket for Your Next Virtual Presentation?

How are you doing to dress for you next new normal virtual presentation? If you haven’t thought through your wardrobe, you may find yourself wearing clothes that detract from your next presentation. We don’t need to mention that you shouldn’t wear a loud plaid jacket, do we?

If you’re presenting in another city, you won’t have time to search for more appropriate attire. You need to plan your wardrobe prior to packing for your trip.

Look the Part

It isn’t enough to have a presentation that you think will knock their socks off. You need to be wearing the right socks yourself – and pants, and jackets, and dresses.

The Wall Street Journal reported on a Harvard study of Success Outside the Dress Code to examine what observers thought of individuals who deviated from the norm in the workplace.

As the Journal reported, “There are boundaries to the benefits of looking different, the Harvard work showed. If an individual was viewed as accidentally out of sync with everyone else, such as mistakenly wearing a red bow tie rather than black at a formal event, that erased positive feelings about him among those surveyed.”

A presentation before a business group is not the time to show your contrarian side. You might be wiser to stick to the following guidelines which apply to both your on-stage and virtual on-camera appearances.

General Guidelines



While the lights on stage are hot, the temperature in most ballrooms is really, really cold. Bring a jacket or shawl to meetings.

Before leaving for your next out-of-town presentation, wear your presentation outfit at your final dress rehearsal. Videotape yourself and, if you’re working with a trainer, get her advice about how you look and suggestions for adding or eliminating clothes and/or accessories.

That’s the time to make changes. Not when you’re about to step out in front of the camera or on the stage.

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