Do You Have Charisma?

"Do You Have Charisma?"

Do You Have Charisma?

You automatically know when someone has personal charisma. You just feel it. It’s the “wow” factor that captivates people. But what is it exactly?

Charisma is the Greek word for “gift.” It’s that personal magnetism, that unmistakable star quality that captures people’s imagination and inspires loyalty and devotion. Celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Jason Bieber have it.

Do you have charisma? It sure helps when you’re making a presentation or talking to a reporter. To find out, take this poll developed by Doe Lang, who wrote “The New Secrets of Charisma: How to Discover and Unleash Your Hidden Powers.”

Come on, have some fun. For each statement answer true or false and then tally your answers. (Don’t peek now at the Answers at the end).

Take the Poll

  1. My friends always come to me with their problems.
  2. I often worry about the impression I’m making.
  3. I am able to put people at ease.
  4. I find it hard to get excited about many of the things that excite people I know.
  5. I always find something to like about the people I meet.
  6. My mind often wonders when people address me.
  7. People are amazed by the fact that I always seem to be in high spirits.
  8. I find that most people don’t have much to say.
  9. Most of my friends would be shocked to discover that I have problems not unlike theirs.
  10. I dislike people who burden me with details of their lives.


The most charismatic people answer “true” to the odd-numbered questions and “false” to the even-numbered ones. Hence, a charismatic person is trusted by others (1); makes people feel relaxed (3); has the ability to hone in on a person’s good qualities (5); and always manages to be in a good mood (7); despite having problems like everyone else (9).

A charismatic person, being self-confident, never worries about the impression made on others (2); doesn’t dampen a person’s enthusiasm (4); always pays attention when being addressed (6); never writes people off (8); and always lends an ear when someone wants to talk (10).

To rate as charismatic, you need a score of seven or higher. How did you do?

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