Do Your Eyeglasses Detract From Your Presentations and TV Interviews?

In the past, people used the pejorative four eyes for people who wore glasses. Name-calling is never appropriate, especially when someone has poor vision or a serious disability.

Elton John

Today eyeglasses have become a popular fashion statement. Glasses are an accessory to your wardrobe that can enhance – or detract — from your overall appearance especially when you’re making a presentation or being interviewed on TV.

Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Tina Fey and, most famously, Elton John and Sarah Palin are known for the distinctive eyeglasses they wear in public appearances – so why not you?

Pick Flattering Frames

If you’re unhappy with your dated frames, make an appointment to have an eye exam and then take your spouse, partner or a friend with you to shop for new ones.  Besides, it will be difficult to see how you look in frames without your corrective lenses. A friend can provide an objective opinion. Think of new glasses as an investment in yourself.

Be sure the glasses are non-glare and scratch-resistant. Transition lenses that darken to sunglasses outdoors are convenient because you don’t need to keep switching from regular to sunglasses. However, these lenses can take a minute or two to return to normal when you go inside. You never want to wear dark lenses for a presentation or interview.

Always bring an extra pair of glasses when you’re traveling. You could misplace your glasses or, your bad luck, you might sit on them when you’re getting ready for a meeting. Raise your hand if that’s ever happened to you!

Be in Fashion

Your eyeglasses should enhance your look but not compete with it. Why buy black frames when burgundy or a deep red would look so much better?
If you need lenses for near and distance vision, wear progressive lenses and avoid that telltale line that lets everyone know you’re at “that” age.

Not too long ago, a top financial executive I was working with asked me to take him shopping for new frames. His communications team had been urging him to invest in new glasses as the ones he always wore were a barrier to his appearing approachable both in person and on TV.  I suggested that he invite his wife, but he declined.

We chose frames that were very different from the thick black round ones he always wore. The new glasses looked fabulous and greatly enhanced his appearance. He received many compliments from friends and colleagues in his firm. The only person who didn’t like them was his wife.

She was the person who had to sit across from him at the breakfast table. So, he returned them. Everyone in the firm was disappointed that he abandoned his “new” look.

Buying Online

If you’re too busy to get to a bricks-and-mortar store, you can always visit the websites of companies that sell eyeglasses online. They offer fashionable styles that are reasonably priced.

Warby Parker will allow you to select five pairs of frames and they’ll ship them to you without charge to try on. Their eyeglasses with a single vision prescription will cost approximately $95 a pair.

Another is They have mostly readers and amazing styles, which are reasonably priced. If you like to have a pair of readers in every room, Debsspecs is the place to go.

Shop around, whether you’re buying from a local retailer or online. Choose wisely.

You want to be sure that your frames enhance your features so that people remember you, and not just your glasses, when you’re making a presentation or appearing in a TV interview.

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