Labor Day is Coming: Is it Time to Gear Up for the Busy Fall Season?

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Shift Into High Gear

Labor Day is coming and it’s back to school for millions of school children … be it virtual, in-class or hybrid. But this national holiday also signals the unofficial end of summer, when companies shift into high gear to meet their revenue targets for the year. But will that be the case with pandemic in the air and many still working from home?

Many people get the blues but you can avoid the post-summer slump by getting yourself ready for a not as usual busy fall season.

Getting Ready

What does getting ready entail?

First, start thinking about how you’re presenting yourself in every aspect of your life. Begin setting your business goals for the fourth quarter. Make sure your wardrobe is updated so that you project a professional image even doing informal virtual meetings from home.

You’re Presenting Every Day

In every part of your daily life you’re presenting — not just when speaking at a meeting. You’re presenting when you’re talking to your boss or ordering in a restaurant. So you want to be at your best.

Just think about all the times you’re “on stage” with the chance to make a positive or negative impression: networking at a business event, delivering a proposal, making a toast, giving a classroom lecture, explaining something, giving directions, or applying for a loan at the bank. We use public speaking in every part of our daily lives.

Remember the successes you’ve had in those situations. Draw on the skills that helped you succeed and you’ll continue to improve and gain in self-confidence. And figure out how to translate those skills to the virtual world.

Set Your Goals

Typically, the budget process in most companies starts after Labor Day. Think about new projects you want to recommend for next year. Take the time now to do the necessary research and formulate a plan to present to your manager.

Remember to structure your presentation with an introduction, two-to-three key messages with supporting evidence, and a compelling summary to convince him that your idea is worthy of a place in the budget.

While other people are vacationing, use the time to brush up on your presentation skills working with a coach, if possible, to prepare for the situations when you’ll be presenting.

The Newman Group’s Presenting Yourself Coach-on-Call™ service delivers fast, cost-effective, world-class presentation rehearsal coaching via telephone or Skype. You’ll be able to connect with a Newman Group trainer/coach for a session about a week before your next presentation. You’ll reap the benefit of our long history of helping senior executives become the best presenters they are capable of being.

Your Wardrobe

Before you begin to speak in any setting, people form a first an impression by what you wear. Your personal style is a silent introduction of yourself to others.

Nothing to wear concept, young woman deciding what to put on

Go Through Your Wardrobe

Start by going through your closet and donating the clothes you haven’t worn for years to your favorite thrift shop. Maybe you don’t wear them because they no longer fit or they seem dated. You know you’ll never wear them again. Get rid of them.

Put away your sandals and shorts and go back to closed shoes and more formal business attire if you work for a conservative company and have to go into the office. Even if the dress code is business casual where you work, you’ll stand out from the crowd with your clean, pressed slacks or skirts and a stylish selection of shirts or blouses.

Make sure there are no stains on the clothes you move from the back of the closet to the front for the new season. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy.

I remember a morning when I was running late and dressed quickly. When I got to the client’s office and looked in the mirror, I saw a big coffee stain on my white sweater. Luckily, I was able to put the sweater on backwards and go through my day with confidence. But had I checked my sweater when I redid my closet, I could have avoided the tension of this situation.

Tips for Dressing for Success

Most of us are on a budget and not prepared to spend a bundle on a new wardrobe.

If you’d like to wear designer clothes but can’t afford to, check out consignments shops in your neighborhood or shop online. USA Today published a story in its business section about The RealReal, an online shopping outlet for pre-owned designer goods, where the price for a designer dress might be less than half the original cost.

An article provides tips for a how a woman can achieve a polished, professional look for her wardrobe. Modern Gentlemen Magazine offers tips in this article on building an essential men’s wardrobe.

Are you geared up and ready to change your mindset after Labor Day? It’s right around the corner. Get a jump on the competition with a fresh approach to your job and yourself.

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  • Another great post! Even as a child, Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I’m sure it always had to do with new school year, a time for new lessons and growth. The same rings true in my professional career as well.

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