Overcoming Objections – 10 Tips for Turning “No” into “Yes”

"Overcoming objections takes practice"
Overcoming objections takes practice

Why don’t more people succeed in sales? Often it’s because they haven’t learned how to overcome objections to their sales presentations.  Countering objections isn’t easy and demands patience, determination, quick thinking, and attention to detail.

Whether you’re selling a product or service to a prospect, or convincing a reporter s/he should write a story favorable to your client, there are sales techniques that will turn a “No” into a “Yes.”

Here are 10 tips to improve your ability to close the sale.

  1. Practice. Get your pitch down pat so that the benefits you’re selling roll out smoothly and easily. Disorganized presentations are a turn-off.
  2. Ask questions. If you are getting resistance, ask questions, even a simple how can I help you? Learn to uncover your listener’s real needs and then tailor your responses accordingly.
  3. Listen. Become a good listener. Really listen so that you hear what’s being said. Don’t be thinking about what you’re about to say next.
  4. Build a relationship. You’ll improve your chances if you build a relationship. Send him articles, make introductions to people he would like to know. Let him know you are someone who can be trusted.
  5. Anticipate objections. You know from past experience the objections you’re likely to get. Practice and be ready with specific answers show that you can solve her problems.
  6. Acknowledge the listener’s point of view. She is entitled to her point of view. Try to understand it and then negotiate how your offering will fit her needs.
  7. Don’t argue. You will lose. “Yes, but…” immediately puts you on the defensive.
  8. Offer alternatives. Is there something else you can offer? A different service or another angle to a story?
  9. Use a trial close.  Ask a question that you hope will get you a “yes,” such as “So is this what you’re looking for?” If you get an objection, you’ve just uncovered more information that will bring you closer to the sale.
  10. GO FOR THE SALE. Ask for the business! Some people are so afraid of a “No” that they never ask for the “Yes!” Pick up verbal and facial cues, listen for an opening and then jump in.

Sales is a numbers game. Despite your best efforts, you’re going to be turned away sometimes. But don’t take rejection personally. Keep at it and you’ll learn that persistence, preparation and following these tips will lead to more success.

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