Was the Podium at Your Presentation Too Tall or Were You Too Short?

Queen Elizabeth

Anyone who saw the 2007 video of Queen Elizabeth being greeted by President George H. Bush will never forget that when the Queen stepped to the lectern to speak all you could see was her royal hat.

No one remembers what she said, but they remember her bobbing bonnet. It was a huge embarrassment for

Optimize Your Slide Presentations for Virtual Media Networks

PowerPoint Logo

If you’ve ever wished that you could expand the life expectancy of a presentation that you went through hours making, fortunately by utilizing web-based media you can safeguard that all your presentations will have a day to day existence past their initial audience.

In the “olden” days you would almost certainly furnish a duplicate of

How to Make the Camera Work for You in a Virtual Appearance

The Interrupter

When we’re coaching clients for a TV appearance, we always remind them that they are not the star of the show and should not expect “star” treatment.

Over the years we’ve had clients complain they didn’t get the best camera angle or lighting so we tell them the “best” is reserved for the host. But

What Does it Say About You When You’re Always Late?

Mad Hatter

It’s unfortunate that the first headlines about the then new Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, were about his chronic lateness and not about his plan for The City.

Hizzoner has been timed from 15 minutes to 90 minutes late to news conferences, community events and even his appearance before the state council.