Always interrupting
You Can't be Listening if You're Always Interrupting
Did you hear what I just said? It would be an interesting exercise if a speaker stopped in the middle of her presentation and asked a member of the audience to repeat what she said. Most likely she’d get a blank stare in...
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
How to Succeed in Business by Overcoming Your Fear of Change
Our most fundamental need is to feel safe, after our physical needs are satisfied. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs That’s why so many business people are fearful during a bad economy – afraid of losing their jobs and of...
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Questions on Arrow SIgns - Who What Where When Why How
Your Presentation Begins When You Book the Date
The preparation for any successful meeting or presentation starts the moment the date gets marked on the calendar. That’s when the real work begins. Determine Your Goal First, establish your goal for the presentation. What...
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Correct Grammar Isn't an Option -- It's a Necessity
Enough is enough. That is what grammarians and pundits are saying about the atrocious grammar and punctuation that is rampant in business and on social networks. All the hard work you’ve put into a presentation will be wasted...
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Informatic spy (EPS 10,includes transparency)
The News Media Doesn’t Need PR People Anymore
You may be wondering why a media trainer who guides corporate executives through the stages of interviews in traditional media and, in recent years, on Zoom and social media, would make a statement like the one above. It’s...
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Why wasn't I quoted?
Why the Reporter Didn't Quote You -- or Your Client
Why wasn’t I quoted? Nothing is worse than picking up the phone and hearing an irate client on the other end of the line asking, “Why wasn’t I quoted? Why did I waste my time talking to John Jones? How come you didn’t...
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Holiday Party
Is That You in the YouTube Video -- Drunk at the Holiday Party?!
Jingle Jingle Oh, no. Your worst fears have come true. You had too much to drink at your company’s holiday party and you ended up on the floor. A “friend” captured the embarrassing incident on his smart phone and thought...
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Thanksgiving Reminds Us That We Have So Much to be Thankful For
It’s the start of the holiday season as we celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends. We’re inspired to feel that life is good. As we have in the past, we turn to the writer and poet Maya Angelou who has a...
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"Smile when you're presenting"
When You're Smiling, the Whole World Smiles With You
Smile when you’re presenting The famous lyrics from the song “When You’re Smiling” were closely identified with iconic jazz singer and trumpeter Louis Armstrong, whose own smile lit up a room. You can learn a lot from...
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