Impromptu Speech
How to Write an Impromptu Speech
Writing an impromptu speech isn’t a non sequitur, though it may seem contradictory. Improptu Speech While you don’t have time to write down your thoughts if you’re called on to say something extemporaneously, you do want...
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Different Language
Communicating With People Who Speak a Different Language
There are certain words we can’t pronounce – even in our own language.  Who hasn’t at one time or another stumbled over “synthesize” or “irrevocably?” So when you’re delivering a presentation or preparing for a media interview,...
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Body Language
Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words
We’ve talked about how important it is to use power words in a presentation or media interview in previous blogs. But your non-verbal language is much louder than words and speaks volumes about what you’re really thinking...
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Don’t Let a Bully Ruin Your Presentation
If you make a lot of presentations, you’re lucky if you haven’t already encountered a bully in the audience. That’s the know-it-all who interrupts your presentation whenever s/he feels like it or challenges your authority...
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How to Make a Presentation When the Equipment Fails !%!!#!
Remember that sick feeling you had as a kid when the teacher said, “Be prepared for a test tomorrow.” You hadn’t even opened the textbook yet! That’s how it feels when you’re about to make a presentation and your laptop freezes...
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Video thumbnail for youtube video Don’t Faint When You Flub a Presentation: Laugh at Yourself
Don’t Faint When You Flub a Presentation – Laugh at Yourself
No doubt presentation training will help you to improve your delivery when you’re in front of an audience. But you’re only human, so sometimes things can go wrong – very wrong. If that ever happens, laughing at yourself can...
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Elegant place setting
Are You Using the Wrong Fork? A Business Primer on Table Manners and Etiquette
Client lunches, dinners and holiday parties are trying enough – but you can really embarrass yourself with poor table manners and etiquette. This is more important than you think. Do you enjoy watching someone talk and eat...
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John F. Kennedy
How a Famous Quote Can Turn a Good Presentation into a Memorable One
JFK Inaugural address “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Who doesn’t get the chills when watching a video of former President John F. Kennedy making this powerful statement during...
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Was That Me You Just Introduced?
If you’ve ever attended a conference, you’ve probably witnessed a keynoter being upstaged by his introducer who goes on…and on…and on. But nobody is squirming more uncomfortably than the speaker, who is listening to...
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