How Do You Keep Your Secrets From the Media?

Top secret stamp

When the CEO of the world’s #2 bank says there is no such thing as an “off the record” comment to the media, you can take it as gospel.

Not so long ago, Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, addressed 200+ members and guests of the Financial Women’s Association. When he was introduced,

Does it Matter Where You Sit as Long as You Have a Seat at the Table?

Lunch and evening gatherings were a staple of building customer relationships in pre-pandemic days. But, they aren’t generally a good time for the host. So as we cast an eye toward post-pandemic days it is propitious to remind ourselves how to create and host successful business gatherings.

Whom do you sit where? In the event

Wrap Your Negative Feelings in a Tiffany Box and Keep Climbing

Do you regularly wind up capitulating to the OMG condition? OMG, I can’t do that. OMG everybody is superior to me. OMG I’ll never excel. The rundown goes on of all that negative reasoning that you require to banish.

What Did Negative Thinking Actually Accomplish For You?

If you’re going to make a presentation or

Happy Thanksgiving To You and Your Loved Ones

In celebrating Thanksgiving, we’d like to pay special tribute to Joyce Newman, founder of The Newman Group, who influenced the professional and personal lives of thousands of people, and Maya Angelou, the author and poet whose magical words and expressions always got to the heart of the human experience.

Joyce passed away in 2017 after