Relying on Our Intuition Can Move Us Toward Our Life Goals

An interview with Tony Morris, Psychic Medium Intuitive

What is an intuitive?

An intuitive is a specialized communicator with the ability to help clients to advance toward their life goals.businessman Hand holding a crystal Ball I am a psychic medium, which means I can perceive (that’s the psychic part) insights regarding a client’s future growth opportunities and can receive (that’s the medium part) insights from another spiritual entity that has messages or guidance to convey to a particular person or group. My intention is to provide information for positive, healthy, healing and progressive purposes.

You spent many years working in PR for Fortune 500 companies. Why and how did you make the transition from PR to being an intuitive?

True, I managed corporate communication departments for more than 25 years for several industry giants. And, I loved it, as I’ve had an interest in communications ever since I was a young boy when I designed and wrote mini-magazines and sold them to neighbors and friends.

But, something incredible happened just over eight years ago: I had a major spiritual awakening. During the experience, I discovered my intuitive gifts as a psychic medium. I knew at that moment that I would have a choice to make one day: What do I do with it? After my last corporate gig ended just over five years ago, I knew the time was right to pursue a career as a psychic medium. While some might consider it a major shift, to me it was a natural progression. I’m still a communicator. It’s just that now, I’m tapping into higher sources, if you will!

Does everyone have intuition? If yes, how would someone get in touch with his or her intuitive side?

We are all intuitive to a degree. We’ve all probably had that moment when we thought about a friend or relative, Beautiful Glowing Vector Andromeda Galaxyand then the phone rings and it’s that person! Here’s another one: How many times have you had a “gut feeling” about something and didn’t take action? You probably regretted not listening to that intuition. More and more people are learning to pay attention to their intuition.

Being clear and focused (meditation is a powerful resource) certainly helps to being open and aware. I’d also suggest learning to identify “signs” that offer prompts to move you along. These signs can be something as simple as hearing a song on the radio that relates to one of your goals. When these signs arise on our horizon, we should acknowledge them and then determine what action is required. The Universe has wonderful ways, sometimes quite joyous, to nudge us along in our journey of self-expansion.

How can intuition help you in business or help you get ahead in life?

Whether you’re involved in the running of a major corporation, or leading your own entrepreneurial efforts, intuition can play a role in business. Again, it’s trusting your gut instincts and paying attention to signs which could certainly include financial trends, research, etc.. in business

It’s also important to consider the type of energy you perceive and receive. Everything around us is energy: people, chairs, cars, air…everything. Looking back, I can’t tell you how many times I’d walk into a conference room and I could sense the negative energy. Those meetings, of course, were not productive.

Another example that I share with many clients is that if you dread making a presentation to senior management or a similar task, then the results will more than likely be dreadful. So, it’s not just enough to utilize intuition in the workplace, you have to embrace the correct energy mindset to get optimal results.

Through my practice, I offer a half-day workshop for workplace teams that addresses these ideals through role-playing and other exercises.

Do you have any stories about people whom you’ve helped?

All of my private sessions with individuals are confidential and so, of course, I wouldn’t share personal information. But, I’ve provided insights that have offered people appropriate guidance for all aspects of their lives: careers, relationships, living conditions, emotional healing, etc. One important note: I provide the insights, but the client has to do the work. The combination of the two moves things forward.

Here are a couple of general examples. In many sessions I’ve told clients something like, “I see that you want to be a (insert career choice).” Then they gasp and say, “Wow! I’ve never told a soul that!” So, sometimes, my job is to give people permission to acknowledge their own desires. Once they give themselves permission to believe it’s attainable, we can proceed with identifying potential next steps to move them forward in that direction.

Another common experience is when a client has created so much blockage that they can’t see their potential, much less act upon it. In a recent session I told a man that I saw him as a person who could excel in cause marketing (similar to Paul Newman’s successful line of food products, whose profits support charitable efforts). He couldn’t make the connection. “Nah. Not me,” he said.

Finally, I looked him directly in the eye and said, “Someone will give you a million bucks if you will tell me what you would like to do in your career. But, you’ve got to tell me right now!” It was a fictional carrot to get the client to offer up his ideal job choice. He looked up and said, “Well, I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur who also helps children.” Bingo! “That’s an example of cause marketing,” I exclaimed.

For another client, who was a realtor, I intuited that he was considering an investment property in a specific location. He felt the building was undervalued but I saw that the area would soon be revitalized and it was within two months.

I help people use their intuition – to trust their “gut” – and use their own positive energy in their life plan.

How do you work with people and how do they find you?

I conduct my hour-long consultations either in-person in Montecito, where I’m based, or via the telephone. I have clients around the country, so nearly 85 percent of my business is over the phone. Prior to a session I meditate, and much information comes to me at that time. So, even before our conversation begins, we already have a good starting point.

Intuition can help in business.In his 40s,Tony Morris tapped into communications on a higher level, seeking out his spiritual guide and discovering that he had special intuitive gifts. Since that awakening, he’s explored and learned about the various realms of spirituality. More importantly, he’s committed to using his gift to help others achieve their own missions in life. In addition, Tony is in the process of publishing his first book, Little Red Wagon, which details his own spiritual journey. He can be reached at or

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