Body Language

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

We’ve talked about how important it is to use power words in a presentation or media interview in previous blogs. But your non-verbal language is much louder than words and speaks volumes about what you’re really thinking and feeling. Most speakers don’t realize how transparent they are. Your body speaks for you, too – your

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Don’t Let a Bully Ruin Your Presentation

If you make a lot of presentations, you’re lucky if you haven’t already encountered a bully in the audience. That’s the know-it-all who interrupts your presentation whenever s/he feels like it or challenges your authority in the Q&A. It might happen to you one day, and you’ll need to take off your “white gloves” and

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How to Make a Presentation When the Equipment Fails !%!!#!

Remember that sick feeling you had as a kid when the teacher said, “Be prepared for a test tomorrow.” You hadn’t even opened the textbook yet! That’s how it feels when you’re about to make a presentation and your laptop freezes or something equally awful happens. Be Prepared When you’re scheduled to present, be prepared.

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Was That Me You Just Introduced?

If you’ve ever attended a conference, you’ve probably witnessed a keynoter being upstaged by his introducer who goes on…and on…and on. But nobody is squirming more uncomfortably than the speaker, who is listening to the equivalent of his premature obituary. Approve Your Introduction Speakers devote great attention to their keynote speeches or acceptance remarks —

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Who called?

Your Voice Mail Message is as Important as Any Presentation

“Hithisisjohnpleasecallmebackat2193046013.” What? Who? You’ve no doubt received a voice message like this one that is completely unintelligible. These kinds of calls are high on our list of pet peeves. Speak S-l-o-w-l-y and Clearly The idea for this post came to us a few days ago when we were listening to a phone message over and

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Reports of PowerPoint’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated*

It’s been a joke for sometime to get up after a boring presentation and tell someone you experienced “death by PowerPoint”. But don’t think PowerPoint is going away anytime soon as a presentation format, despite what you read or hear. In an earlier post we discussed the logistics of preparing for a presentation. In this

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Did You Forget to Answer My Email or Were You Just Being Rude?

We’re all swamped with emails, but do you routinely ignore your business correspondence? Am I not important enough for you to respond in a timely manner, or do you just treat everyone rudely? What’s Timely? If you’re in the client service business, then it’s advisable to establish the ground rules for emails. Discuss an acceptable

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"Is your elevator speech ready?"

Delivering a Winning Presentation – in an Elevator

We all know what an “elevator speech” is, right? It is the common expression for your personal business presentation when meeting someone for the first time. In reality, you wouldn’t corner someone in an elevator with your pitch. Or would you? It depends on the circumstances. I seized the moment with the new CEO of

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