Happy Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving To You and Your Loved Ones

In celebrating Thanksgiving, we’d like to pay special tribute to Joyce Newman, founder of The Newman Group, who influenced the professional and personal lives of thousands of people, and Maya Angelou, the author and poet whose magical words and expressions always got to the heart of the human experience. Joyce passed away in 2017 after

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The Imposer Syndrome

Do You Lack Self-Confidence and Feel Like an Imposter?

We often meet with executives who want training because they feel they’re not polished presenters. Or, they don’t believe they’re skilled enough in media interviews. But after talking with them, we learn that what’s really going on is that they’re lacking in self-confidence. The Imposter Syndrome If you often feel like a fraud, then you’re

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

How to Succeed in Business by Overcoming Your Fear of Change

Our most fundamental need is to feel safe, after our physical needs are satisfied. That’s why so many business people are fearful during a bad economy – afraid of losing their jobs and of facing a future with a constantly changing landscape. Change is inevitable. No one needs convincing that the days of working at

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"Smile when you're presenting"

When You’re Smiling, the Whole World Smiles With You

The famous lyrics from the song “When You’re Smiling” were closely identified with iconic jazz singer and trumpeter Louis Armstrong, whose own smile lit up a room. You can learn a lot from that song about the power of smiling in your personal and business life. If you smile during a presentation, your audience will

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How to stand out

How to Stand Out by Where You Sit Down

If you didn’t think it was important before, you will change your mind after reading this post about exerting your authority and leadership skills in a meeting. Where you sit at the conference table during a business meeting really does matter. At the Head of the Table Sit at the head of the table and

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"Magnificent Minglers are magnetic"

How to Mingle and Make Small Talk

As you enter a room filled with people, do you often find yourself wishing you were someplace else? It’s OK to admit it because most of us feel that way at least some of the time. Learning how to mingle and make small talk takes practice and advance planning. In business, it’s essential to master

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