No Point in Apologizing if You Can’t Admit You’re Wrong

Do you find it difficult to apologize when you’ve done something that hurts or offends someone? It isn’t easy to admit when you’re wrong. But you risk damaging your reputation and relationships if you don’t offer a sincere apology.

Hillary Clinton learned this the hard way when the media and public didn’t buy that she used her private email “for convenience” in government correspondence while she was Secretary of State.

Jon Stewart skewered her in this skit using portions of her press conference …Read more…

Are You Due for a Professional Image Update?

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” may be a cliché but this one is true.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

That’s why it’s essential to develop a professional image that creates an unforgettable powerful first impression when you are about to make a presentation, attend a business meeting or appear on TV.

Find Your Personal Style

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Don’t Forget to Wear Your Socks

Don’t laugh. This happened to a client not too long ago. Business, Mann, am Arbeitsplatz 17He’s a very busy CEO, who was so tired that he showed up at a morning press conference in a suit and tie but without socks. It was a tell tale sign that he had mentally checked out because of exhaustion. He wasn’t conscious of what he was doing. …Read more…

Will Wearing Summer Business Casual Damage Your Image?

Naughty teen with expressive faceIt’s hard to believe that spring is here and summer is just around the corner! As consultants who work in different corporations or agencies almost every day and we’ve noticed that many people have taken business casual to the extreme in the way they dress for work. What you wear can send out mixed messages.

Cover the Cleavage

We’ve been lucky so far but 2018 weather has been challenging. There is no reason to believe that summer 2018 will be anything other than different and bring us challenges about what to wear. Sure if it’s a scorcher out there that doesn’t mean women can wear tight, low-cut T-shirts that reveal too much. No matter the temperature, short shorts have no place at work – ever! No one will be taken seriously dressing in shorts or tank tops in a corporate environment.

We’ve been surprised and disappointed to see that many women are dressing down to the point that during a recent training session we felt we had to say something.

A beautiful young woman took me aside and confided, “You’ve helped me to overcome my little girl mannerisms and to feel more confident and in control. But I recently got a powerful new boss and when I’m with him, I revert back to being a little girl. What can I do?”

We pointed out that she was sending mixed messageSerious office worker at his desk, looking at cameras by wearing little black shorts with a black top showing too much cleavage. Her long brown hair was twisted behind one ear and cascading down one shoulder. The hairstyle was much too seductive and drew attention to her well endowed figure.

She was also wearing cheap flip-flops which are always inappropriate for the office. She didn’t convey the professional image required to have her boss, and others in the company, perceive her as a rising young executive.

She was standing out, but for all the wrong reasons. It was also a sign of disrespect to her boss, who grew up in a generation that dressed in suits and ties before business casual became the norm during the Internet era.

Wash Your Hair

Men aren’t immune to this new trend towards what has become “sloppy casual.” Recently, we were conducting a presentation training at a hip new technology company. In walked one of the directors, a man in his mid-40s. His long, dirty hair fell to his shoulders.

He was unshaven. His clothes were so wrinkled that he looked like an unmade bed. His shoes and belt should have made it to the dumpster long ago.

His offices weren’t any better, with files and debris strewn everywhere. It was a real turn off. We suggested that this might not be the kind of impression he wanted to convey to clients and prospects, not to mention staff.

Reshape Your Image 

It isn’t too late to restock your summer wardrobe with appropriate clothing. Stores are having sales in preparation for the Fall season, so you’ll also get good deals.

Long skirts are “in.” Fashionable sleeveless dresses and skirts are always in style. Be wary of tight knits that can be too revealing. Dressy sandals and “peep toes” can complement your outfit (but, again, no sloppy flip-flops). Some of the places we work actually ban sandals, sling back and open toe shoes! If you’re going on an interview, it’s important to know the dress code in advance and adhere to it.

It’s easy for men to achieve a professional look in a crisp, clean shirt and pressed pants. You don’t need a tie but you do need a shine on your shoes and a decent belt with a simple but elegant buckle.

As you plan your fall wardrobe, take inventory of what you own. Donate the clothes you’ll never fit into again to charities like Dress for Success which provides clothing and career counseling to underserved women entering the work force, or Career Gear, that does the same for men.

Or, consider donating your out-of-date clothing to a thrift shop or Goodwill. Then step into one of your new outfits. You will feel like a million bucks and convey confidence. You will look like the professional you are!

Browse fashion collections on-line, in the fashion magazines or in the stores and visit your favorite boutiques to learn what’s in style. Select mix-and-match jackets and pants to stretch your budget. Buy several colorful scarves or ties to add variety. Get those bangs that fall in your eyes trimmed.

You’re guaranteed to be complimented on your refreshed look as now you stand out for all the right reasons. Remember that it is a good idea to dress for the job you want and not the job you have!