How a Moderator Facilitates a Lively and Informative Panel Discussion

By Denise Restauri, Founder & CEO,  GirlQuake

The day has arrived for the panel discussion you’re moderating.

Denise Restauri is a panel discussion moderator

Denise Restauri

Last week, I described how the moderator and panelists do their advance preparation. In this post, I’ll discuss how to moderate a panel discussion that will have the audience on the edge of their seats.

Before Going On Stage

Before going on stage, the moderator should arrange for all panelists to meet each other, and for the moderator to meet with all panelists for last-minute updates or instructions and to comfort panelists who exhibit any anxiety. …Read more…

What is the Role of the Moderator in a Panel Discussion?

By Denise Restauri, Founder & CEO, GirlQuake

All moderators should repeat this: “This is not about me. I am not the star.”

Denise Restauri is a panel discussion moderator

Denise Restauri

If you’re a moderator, you need to take all thoughts about “you,” dump them in an imaginary box and toss the box. If you want to be the star, switch seats and be a panelist.

You were asked to be the moderator because you are an expert, so be an expert moderator by shining the spotlight where it belongs – on the panelists. Make them look smart and you’ll look smart. A great moderator should speak 10 percent of the time — the rest of the time is for the panelists and the audience.

Let The Audience In

Engage the audience. Make the audience want more because the conversation is lively, the content is informative, and they’re a part of the conversation. …Read more…

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