Stump Speech

When Your Stump Speech Goes Stale

You’re not a politician, you say. You don’t give stump speeches. But think about it. If you’re on a company’s new business team, or a member of their speaker’s bureau, you’re giving stump speeches all the time. They’re just called media interviews or presentations. And today, quite a few of them are virtual. Aren’t they

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Who called?

Your Voice Mail Message is as Important as Any Presentation

“Hithisisjohnpleasecallmebackat2193046013.” What? Who? You’ve no doubt received a voice message like this one that is completely unintelligible. These kinds of calls are high on our list of pet peeves. Speak S-l-o-w-l-y and Clearly The idea for this post came to us a few days ago when we were listening to a phone message over and

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Do You Know What Your Audience Wants From Your Presentation?

One of the lessons learned from our many coaching sessions is this: don’t allow yourself to get complacent and think you can do the same old, same old as you plan your speaking engagements and media interviews. Analyzing Your Audience Speakers often go wrong by not doing a thorough audience analysis.

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A Presentation Doesn’t End After the Applause

Congratulations! You’ve just delivered a well-received presentation. As we advised in our first two posts on preparing for the presentation and giving a presentation, you still have work to do. Critique Your Speech After the speech, if you’ve been audio or video taped, make time to listen or watch yourself in action. You’ll likely never

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