Use “Power Words” in Presentations and Media Interviews

When speakers at a conference and commentators on television begin a sentence with “I think” or “I hope,” it detracts from their expertise. Those are not power words.Power Words

Even well-known experts often start a sentence with tentative phrases. You aren’t invited to speak at a conference or appear on national television for what you think. You’re invited for what you know. You’re the expert. …Read more…

Don’t Let a Misspelling Torpedo Your Presentation

"Don't let misspellings torpedo pressentations"Spelling makes headlines  this time of year as the annual National Spelling Bee takes place in the nation’s capital. A few years ago at the same time Mitt Romney’s staff goofed by misspelling “Amercia” in its iPhone app. That’s supposed to be “America” in case you wondered.

The twitter hashtag #Amercia exploded with thousands of tweets, as did “sneak-peek.” One tweeter made this astute observation, “If you’re applying for a job, and you misspell the name of the company you want to work for, …Read more…

The Story of How A Single Speech Established a Company’s Future Vision

By Mark Perlgut, Principal, The Perlgut Group

Mark Perlgut

Mark Perlgut

This is a true story about a large American company, the leader in its field. It happened long ago (during the Reagan presidency), but its lessons remain relevant.

The CEO, known as a visionary who was shaking up his industry, accepted an invitation to speak to an industry organization. His topic was to be the future of the industry. …Read more…

Writing Persuasive Speeches – Tips from an Award-Winning Speechwriter

"Marie L. Lerch"

Marie L. Lerch

An interview with Marie L. Lerch, Vice President responsible for firmwide marketing and communications for Booz Allen Hamilton

How do you select the themes for the speeches you write for your CEO (Ralph Shrader)? Does he select them or do you collaborate on the topics?

There are core themes around leadership, people development, and corporate citizenship that our CEO feels strongly about …Read more…