Is That You in the YouTube Video — Drunk at the Holiday Party?!

Jingle Jingle

Oh, no. Your worst fears have come true. You had too much to drink at your company’s holiday party and you ended up on the floor. A “friend” captured the embarrassing incident on his smart phone and thought it would be funny to post it to YouTube and tweet the link to his Twitter followers.

Now the video is getting hundreds of views. Your boss and clients are furious to see you smashed and making nasty comments about them. You’ve damaged your reputation and personal brand.

That image of you on the floor will live on in perpetuity. Very likely there is someone …Read more…

Commitment is a Virtue and a Necessity in Building Your Personal Brand

The other day I sat by the phone waiting for the call about a potential coaching assignment. The phone never rang.

The person who booked the session never bothered to call or write to explain why she didn’t follow through. Was she sick? Did she have to go out of town suddenly? I’ll never know, even though I sent her an email asking. She did eventually call wanting to set up a training session. I declined.

Honoring Commitments

When did it become OK not to honor commitments? …Read more…

Since When Do All Women Have to Dress Like Penguins at BIO?

BIO International convention don't dress like a penguin Imagine yourself at BIO, the largest biotech convention in the world and 7,500 penguins walk in. That would be the effect if the women attending the event in San Diego followed the advice of Forbes fashion columnist, Kristina Moore.

She suggests wearing combinations of a white dress or blouse with a black blazer and black skirt and flats or sandals with three-inch heels for evening.

We know that New Yorkers are teased about wearing so much black, but even we like to wear a bright blazer with our black pants. We attended a social media presentation last week at NYU’s Center for Publishing and were pleased to see that 90% of the women attendees were in bright colored dresses with sweaters. They were poised professionals and there was not a penguin in the group! …Read more…